Monday, May 5, 2014


Salam 1 Malaysia,
Salam Hari Minggu...

Hm.. hari minggu biasanya bersantai-santai untuk recharge energy yang dilaburkan 5 hari bekerja...tapi, SAJ terpanggil juga untuk mengomen 1 artikel yang tak sedap di dengar dan di baca ini.
Jom tengok....


It was a personal opinion of the writer to comments on the 2 separate tragedy which are MH370 and Sewol Ferry.

When you read this article, you will find this :
" Tragedy has struck both nations in recent weeks, their travails played out in horrifying detail on the world’s television screens. Fairly or unfairly, the hunt for a missing Malaysian airliner and the desperate attempt to rescue and now recover victims from the sunken Sewol ferry are being viewed as tests of the governments in Putrajaya and Seoul, if not of Malaysian and South Korean societies. The grades so far?
I’d give Korea an A-, Malaysia a D."

Heeeelllloooooo !!!!! In what aspects that you rates us D ???? Are you aware what are you talking about??? Do you joined SAR team to search the flight? Are you be there with SAR team to explore the Hindi Ocean ??? Are you the one who faces all the next of kin, the reporters with all sort of "crazy" questions???? ARE YOU ????

i am 100% sure, you are not there. you just make a statement from what you've read and your silly analysis of these two disasters !

1 - you cannot compare between Sewol and MH370 just by looking at it  physically. yes, Sewol able to safe some of the victims,  but not MH370 because, MH370 is still missing ! Lost contact!

2 - PM resignation : there is no single LAW in this world that will force PM to resign due to certain disaster happened in the country ! it is up to Korea PM to do that. Malaysian still need our PM , DS Najib Razak to lead Malaysia. Because of 1 disaster will put PM at the end of his career, i think, it is not a good decision. Yes,  It will look like the PM is responsible because of the tragedy, but, on the other hand, it might be a sign of not responsible and coward. Im not blaming PM Korea because it is maybe their culture. Not same as Malaysia. Thus, by putting blame to us because of this, I think, the writer is unintellectual.

3 – When you said that, Malaysia Government refused to answer critics, it shows that, you are not following what government had did to report to Malaysians almost every day. Do you expect to reveal everything??? Did your country will expose every single evidence to the citizens? I am sure, not. Right? So, don’t just simply blame and rates us D !
world knows, DS Hisham had done a great job as an acting Transport Minister. He has a quality of a good leader. he is not defensive nor rude. He is a very gentle and emotional. YOu are not Maaysian, and you did not know, how sad DS Hisham, Sir Jauhari and others when knowing, the end of Ping is at the Hindi Ocean. They feel so sad, and we as Malaysian can feel them at that time.
So, how come you said that DS Hisham is defensive ?? He tried to understand every single possibilities of the missing jet and he is the one who have a strong will to search the MH370 until found ! so, do you still believe he is defensive ?? Please change your mind !
We unite to #prayforMH370.


  1. Cantiklah bro, apa orang Inggeris ingat kita koman sangat ke? Terbaiklah..

  2. Puak ni rasa terancam. Depa nak depa saja dilihat hebat. Tot tot timboi dari sebelah sini pulak. Dah tu belaga pulak ngan geng depa al juburi tuh !!

  3. Barat tak pernah pandang kita tingi. Sebab itu media mereka cuba juga nak atuhkan kita

  4. He..he..kantoi. Mereka hanya melihat dari jauh

  5. Bila kita baca artikel omputeh ni kita tahu niat mereka. Tak usah layan bro

  6. Dengki , khianat. Aku syak dia ada agenda tersembunyi

  7. Dengan team ini tak payah berhujah. Mereka tak de nak fakta pun. Mereka nak jatuhkan sahaja.

  8. Kena tanya mamat ni. Siapa sumber maklumat dia dalam negara. Macam ko katalah, Nuar bagi upah kot.

  9. Dia ingat bodoh nak terima bulat bulat apa dia tulis